Sell Your Loose Diamonds

Are you looking to sell your loose diamonds or solitaires? For over 30 years, Sarasota residents have come to regards A. Tifaney & Son as the best place to sell loose diamond stones. As a GIA certified gemologist, you can feel good knowing that thousands of people in the area have sold with confidence and received cash on the spot.

A. Tifaney & Son will examine and buy the following loose diamond cuts:

  • We buy loose diamondsPrincess diamonds
  • Round diamonds
  • Emerald diamonds
  • Pear diamonds
  • Radiant diamonds
  • Oval diamonds
  • Marquise diamonds
  • Trillion diamonds
  • Heart diamonds

Please note, we do take clarity and color into consideration. The market for high-clarity diamonds is always hot. So even if you have a slightly yellow (for instance, “M” color”) and a very clear cut (“VVS1” – very, very slight inclusions) diamond, you could get more money than if you had a clear diamond with more inclusions (for instance, a “G” color, “SI2” clarity). What’s the best way to find out how much money you could make from selling your loose diamonds?

Come by our Sarasota jewelry store. We’d be happy to examine and buy your loose diamonds.

Reach us online and get your questions answered using our Quick Contact form. You can also contact us via phone: 1-941-366-1014