Sell Your Sterling Silver Jewelry & Estate Items

Silver Estate & Antique Jewelry BuyerA. Tifaney & Son buys sterling silver jewelry & antique items. As the premier jeweler in all of Sarasota, we’ve helped hundreds of folks unload their estate, and have been a reputable, fair source for anyone looking to sell their silver and get some much needed cash.

Every day, the price of silver is hitting record highs. In a high-demand market, many people are selling their unused sterling silver jewelry while the market is hot.

Before you sell your sterling silver jewelry, here are two very helpful tips:

  • Examine your Silver jewelry: We will only consider silver that has been engraved with any of the following markers: Sterling, .925; .999. Those are the highest grade silver jewelry items. These items are as close to pure silver as you will find and contain the least alloy. Therefore, those silver rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are going to have more value. They will also bring you a better profit, as well.
  • Silver plated jewelry is not real silver: If you are unable to find any markings, you probably have pieces that are silver plated. Silver plated items have no resale value. We will not consider or appraise these items.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a time to sell your silver jewelry, use the quick contact for to the right, or call A. Tifaney & Son today 941-366-1014.